What does it mean to survive?


Velcro® Hook-and-loop fastener on wood

178 cm (H) × 123 cm (W) × 16 cm (D)


The Weight of Probability No.1

“Art, for me, is a journey of reflection, where every part of my work tells a story.”

During its creation, I was navigating the challenging journey of IVF. The IVF process turned out to have more steps than I thought, each one adding to the weight of uncertainty and pressure I felt. From receiving 3-4 injections every day to collecting eggs and creating fertilized embryos, every stage was a test of resilience. During this process, I underwent a PGT-test to check for any chromosomal abnormalities. The chances of passing this test were less than 10%, adding another layer of uncertainty to my journey.

As I continued through this low-probability process, the pressure and weight I experienced found expression in my work. Just as nature forms mountains and valleys under pressure, my creations are the residue of my efforts to navigate life’s challenges. Through “The Weight of Probability,” I aimed to capture the essence of resilience and the complexities of human experience.

When the work was complete, I noticed that it resembled a frowning face. While this was unintended, I could feel even more viscerally how it embodied the veins of pressure and uncertainty that ran through me during that period of my life.

Art, for me, is a journey of reflection, where every part of my work tells a story. I invite you to explore this piece and connect with the raw emotions it embodies.

Fine Art